east bay volunteersEast Bay Volunteers is intended as a free, low-budget service to benefit the East Bay community.

This site offers:

  • counties, cities, municipalities, districts and community service organizations (event organizers) to list the volunteer opportunities of community service events;
  • interested individuals and groups (volunteers) to search for volunteer opportunities and RSVP to help out at these events. No special skills or long-term commitments required.

What is a community service event? MLK Day of Service is a well-known community service event, and so is Earth Day, etc. Community service event organizers might set up and run themed projects on these days to see to beautifications, cleanups, maintenance, etc., and provide volunteer opportunities to the general public.

So, this site is not a fitting solutions for nonprofits to list their ongoing volunteer needs for, let’s say, staff or board members. That is to say, we do not match prospective volunteers to specific nonprofit organizations and their causes.

As such, this site is NOT formally affiliated with any East Bay county, city, municipality, district, nonprofit organization or for-profit corporation.


This site is supported by grant monies from the Corporation for NATIONAL & COMMUNITY SERVICE as administered by Service for Peace.


East Bay Volunteers does not actively manage/organize the community service events, and does not actively manage/organize the signed-up volunteers – all of which is the responsibility of the actual event organizers.


East Bay Volunteers was conceived of and brought about in December 2016 by Marcus von Euw and Tom Froehlich, two long-time residents of the East Bay.

Marcus von Euw

Barbara Lee, Noel Gallo, Marcus von Euw

U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Oakland Council Member Noel Gallo, Service for Peace’s Marcus von Euw

Over the last decade, Marcus has been given a lot of his volunteer time and energy to help facilitate many community service events and volunteer registrations in the East Bay, especially in regard to MLK Day of Service and the City of Oakland.

The following Facebook page, maintained by Marcus, holds a lot of nice photos from prior events:


Marcus is associated with Service for Peace, an international nonprofit organization promoting peace through service.

In his other life, Marcus is married with four kids and runs a home inspection business.

Tom Froehlich

Tom Froehlich

Tom Froehlich

Tom runs a small web design shop. He is a trained fundraiser, a former Director of Project Volunteer in Oakland, and – more recently – a former Director of Advancement Services at Cal State East Bay.

Tom believes that volunteerism is social action, vital to a healthy community, and a lot of fun.

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